Reality. Consistency. Efficiency.

Magpul Dynamics is a training company with a curriculum focused on Military, Law Enforcement, private sector professional, and armed Citizen skill sets in the use of firearms. Using its expert team of instructors with extensive real-world experience in military activities across the globe and Law Enforcement activities on the home front, Magpul Dynamics delivers skill-building courses for students ranging from novice to advanced. Prioritizing reality, consistency, and efficiency in mindset, marksmanship, manipulations and movement, courses include everything from basic firearms skills to force on force training.  Every curriculum at Magpul Dynamics is focused on developing the skill sets required for peak performance under stress and the real-world considerations of armed conflict.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magpul Industries Corp., Magpul Dynamics plays a crucial role in the research, development, and evaluation of Magpul products. By communicating with targeted end users and testing current and developmental equipment in real world environments, Magpul is able to leverage this expertise and deliver mission-driven gear that performs up to the standards our customers expect.  Gear should be dictated by tactics and employment, not the other way around.  Magpul Dynamics is dedicated to providing and evaluating solutions to aid how we need to fight, not to define the fight around hardware.

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